Essence Collection was founded by Maccia Moosa, whose passion for global style trends inspired her to create a line of her own – a women’s fashion collection that would blend the best of the East and the West, growing into a niche of its own.

Combining an eye for beauty with a deep knowledge of international fashion, as well as a highly innovative approach to garment creation; Maccia and her team have developed a brand that is tastefully elegant yet sure to make you stand out. Gorgeous fabrics, luxurious trimmings and accessories, outstanding design and high production standards all combine to form a versatile collection unlike any other.


Essence Collection enables women to exude an international feel whilst owning timeless and unique pieces. A deep knowledge of the latest fashion combined with a specialized touch enable us to create garments for women who want something fresh and distinctive that complements their inimitable style.

Each Essence Collection garment is made with care and is the perfect meeting of beautiful design, fine materials and craftsmanship.

Discover your style with Essence Collection.

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